Change of approach

Mark Wood says,”How refreshing and, quite frankly surprising, to see AKMA’s on-going thoughts on forgiveness in the Daypop Top 40.”* My sentiments exactly–it did look odd to see Monday’s observations floating around alongside the “ass-o-tron.” Instead of rattling on monologically today (not the wisest way to learn, nor the deepest use of the web) I want to take time today to bat ideas back and forth with friends who’ve offered questions and suggestions. Don’t anticipate any tomes, therefore, but volleys. And if you want to make sure that I touch on your topic, feel encouraged to write.

* ‘Daypop’ used to be a list of the most-visited blogs, updated on a daily basis. Think of the ‘trending’ function built into your choice of social medium, and then imagine it as a separate website registering the pulse of thousands of blogs in a world with neither Facebook nor Twitter (nor Instagram nor whatever). This is what it looked like:

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