Au Revoir, Crawfordsville

This morning the Greek consultation ended, everyone quite exhausted at the considerable effort they’d put into constructing the skeleton of a website. It was an impressive push, especially given that most of the team knew relatively little about the insides of web construction. At the same time, everyone was frustrated at how task-oriented the consultation had become. (The Wabash Center, our host for the consultation, has a reputation for making sure that its consultations and conferences aren’t over-scheduled.) We got a lot of good work done, though, and I suspect everyone learned at least a little about what a serious effort it takes to get a substantial site online.
Even better than the week’s work, though, was the conversation surrounding appropriate uses of technology in theological education, both in preparation for the conference coming up in August and as a sidebar among the various Greek scholars. We have some prospects for enticing some theological educators onto the cluetrain. Hey, they’re reading David Weinberger’s book; who knows where that will lead them?

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