More Thanks

On Friday, I omitted to mention one of the great gifts for which I give thanks this year: the birth (and continued thriving, despite some edgy surprises) of Cameron, Ruairi, and Sawyer. They and their parents have been through a lot with us, and we marvel again at the ways that a child can transform the lives not only of beginners, but even of grizzled veteran parents. Bless you, all!

3 thoughts on “More Thanks

  1. THANK YOU, AKMA, Margaret and your lovely family. Grace & peace to you all.

    First time I’ve ever been awarded the soubriquet “grizzled”. I’m seeing myself in an entirely new light now – battle-scarred, windswept, and much more interesting than I am in real life. Oh, and with a huge scruffy beard.

    I’ve always quite fancied a touch of grizzling. Thanks indeed


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