I’m proud for two reasons tonight. First, Michael received his offical Disseminary Hoopoe cap, and he attests that it looks good (I’d love to see a picture, Michael).

And second, even more important, Margaret got Seabury’s W. Stevenson Taylor Award for best theology essay this year. And that essay isn’t even a patch on her thesis.

I’m not really proud that Steve and Sage arrived safely tonight, but I’m very pleased they did. They’re gracious guests (they didn’t, for instance, say, “Well, you certainly have more than enough books around here,” or “Did you have to set us up in the basement, with the sump pump, the refrigerator, and the mysterious boxes of who-knows what heaped up around us”). I do hope it doesn’t rain — that sump pump gets noisy. And just our luck, it’ll flood the basement with all their stuff in it. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Oh, well, more time to fine-tune my Digital Genres paper.

1 thought on “Proud

  1. Er…if you seriously want to see a snap of me in my Hoopoe hat, I might suggest you’re something other than just ‘proud’…

    But I will ask La Belle Saucisse to oblige with the digital camera this w/end, on one condition: you have to promise you’ll make an effort to get out more 😉

    And hey – congratulations Margaret, that rocks! Now there’s something we can all be proud of.

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