Stiff Competition

Now I stand to administer not only David Weinberger’s immortal bytes, but now also Joi Ito’s. Now, I’m honored and all, and I promise to do my best by both these distinguished citizens of Blogaria and by the interests of posterity.

But just who decided that $30 a year would be the going rate for hosting large, high-volume sites like theirs? Not to mention “pruning the hedges and scrubbing the grafitti off”? Guys, I have to talk with your estates about changing the terms of these arrangements. I mean, I’m busy now; if this idea starts catching on, I won’t have time to do anything but tend memorial websites — which outdoes even theological teaching for low labor-to-remuneration ratios.

8 thoughts on “Stiff Competition

  1. AKMA, and are available for registration should you decide to create a business.

  2. Why hasn’t somebody created a place where we can archive our blogs after we die. Provide a service where people (family) could get copies of the blog. Things like that. It would be kind of like freezing your head, only a lot cheaper. A way to keep yourself immortal, that way at least your site would live on.

  3. But you have to hurry, before others patent the idea. Imagine you owning the repository of blogs and links; you cold charge google for their usage of said blogs, and as you reach the 10th million mark, content will definitely be yours. You could charge royalties for links derived from yours, and live like a happy rich entity for the rest of your unnatural life.
    This is starting to sound like a Philip K Dick novel!

  4. The centerpiece of my own Philip K. Dick novel! No wonder life seemed to be getting so eerie lately. . . .

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