Not A Post

I should have blogged today — technically, I had time and everything — but I didn’t even though I owe responses on the Druid clergy dust-up, Dave “used to be Time’s Shadow, now Groundhog Day, but not Connect & Empower-Music Alert” Rogers’s blog about the politics of “life,” and the Cobb County creationism brouhaha.
I just didn’t feel like it today; during the time I had free to write, I preferred to chat with friends, orfiddle with the redesign of the Seabury website, or just plain take it easy. I have an Adult Ed class to prepare for on Sunday, I’m going to Diocesan Convention tomorrow, and I have to put together a response to some of Stan Hauerwas’s writing for the annual Society of Biblical Literature meeting next weekend. I’ll get back to these IOUs, but today, tonight, I’m putting them off another day or so.
But while I’m blogging about not blogging, I was repelled by the gall of Bill “I gambled away more than you’ll earn in two lifetimes” Bennett in pontificating about moral values in the aftermath of the election. Moral values my ear!
And a few days ago, Jeff wrote about his fascination with composition. Yes, exactly!

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