Testing. . . One, Two, Three

With generous help from Chris Whipple, I managed to get this blog back online, permalinked and commentable. I uploaded the posts from the last few weeks late last night — I’d only intended to upload one or two, but once I got started it was hard to stop — and now I’m trying MarsEdit’s remote posting feature.

A certain amount of hand-coding is fun and refreshing; it reminds me of how completely I’d come to rely on MarsEdit for entering material in my blog. Now I just have to resuscitate my CSS chops (meager as they ever were) to spruce up the templates to a more Disseminary-looking format again, and we’re off to the races.

3 thoughts on “Testing. . . One, Two, Three

  1. I’ve read your blog off and on for quite sometime. I love the new look What I really love is the bigger font. I always got a headache reading your blog before. Of course that might not have been from the small font size, but from my small brain size. I look forward to less headaches. [I’m hoping it was just the font.]

  2. The group that went from the Trenton/Princeton area (Shiloh Baptist, Lawrenceville Presbyterian and Kingdom Church) are safe and made it to the US embassy. It is still unclear if they are trying to leave right away or will remain and help with recovery efforts.

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