Where Are They Now?

For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been keeping my eyes open at the grocery store for a cup of banana yogurt. They’ve had strawberry-banana pretty regularly, and countless exotic new flavors such as key lime pie and strawberry shortcake, but no plain old banana.
I don’t even remember how banana yogurt tastes — but it figures in a Proustian moment.
I first tasted banana yogurt, first considered any yogurt worth eating, when I went on a date with another Bowdoin student. We went on a picnic out in a field somewhere outside Brunswick, and she suggested that we each have a yogurt. My taste was governed by the prospect of making a good impression, and she could have said “Let’s each have a bowl of worms,” and I’d have been inclined to say yes. I chose a banana yogurt in the waxy cardboard cups Dannon used to sell, with the cardboard discs on the top.
The day was lovely, the picnic pleasant (and entirely cordial), and to my surprise the banana yogurt was tasty. I never went out with her again, don’t recall her name (it was a few weeks at least until I would meet the one true love of my life), but since then I have liked yogurt, and I would have liked to have tasted banana yogurt once again. from a waxy cardboard cup — but that train has left the station.

3 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. I can’t help with the waxy cardboard cup, but if you don’t mind mini-servings, Stonyfield Farms does make banana yogurt… it’s just limited to the YoBaby series. But all that really means is that you have to buy a combo pack with 3 or 4 vanilla mini-yogurts to get the same number of banana ones. I could have sworn I’d seen regular size banana, but they don’t list it on the website.

  2. Our Wholefoods carries a Stoneyfield flavor in the big containers called Banilla. It is basically banana with a little vanilla mixed in. And you can get it in lowfat, whereas the baby ones seem to be whole milk, no?

    Happy to help on the acidophilus front!

  3. Stonyfield farm “Banilla” is my breakfast of choice, and whenever I trek down to Hyde Park, I always pick up a tub of it at the co-op! I have yet to find an Evanston retailer that carries it . . .

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