Lyrics and Pop-Ups

Is there an online source for lyrics devoid of obnoxious, obtrusive pop-up ads? So that, if I wanted to link to a song lyric, I could rely on pointing people to a site that wouldn’t try to take over their browser?

I use browsers that [try to] filter out pop-ups, and others should, too — but I don’t want to cooperate, even unwittingly, with pop-up villains.

7 thoughts on “Lyrics and Pop-Ups

  1. I’ve been showing lyrics via computer projection rather than photocopies this year. When there is a good artist site it rarely has the deluge of pop-up’s or even worse pop-up style content embedded on the page. These can be either official or unofficial. The best ones aren’t official. is the best is also quite good

    A good official site is beck’s (you want the diskobox)

    Otherwise they generally suck … which is why limature posted some lyrics earlier this fall.

  2. Google up an app called EvilLyrics (sorry about the name, but trust me, it’s superb). It runs in tandem with your media player, and sucks lyrics down into its own local database for every song you play. Truly amazing.

    That doesn’t help you with the linking thing, but it’s still worth trying…

  3. If you want lyrics in the “tradition”–meaning folk songs and the like, visit

    The Mudcat Cafe.

    BTW, I find the light blue headlines almost invisible. In general I’m not wildly enthusiastic about the color scheme.

  4. I think Trevor has his finger on the solution–the lyrics sites are, almost by definition, bad. You have to look first for artist sites (which are generally definitive), then fan sites (which ain’t).

    Then you’ve got the problem of people whose lyrics aren’t out there anywhere. That’s a problem.

  5. Come to think of it, why not Google the lyrics, then use the cached copy? That dodges the pop-ups and the web site they rode in on, too.

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