My Glowing Bride

This morning, as I write, Margaret is at the local hospital. She’s receiving treatment for her Graves Disease, which was diagnosed a couple of years ago and which has not abated after continuous heavy anti-thyroid; she ingested seventeen millicuries of some radioactive iodine, which is supposed to circulate to her thyroid and stop it dead. Once her thyroid has shut down, she’ll take thyroid hormone supplements to provide the stuff that she no longer produces (or in her present condition, over-produces) on her own.

It’s not a huge medical endeavor, but it’s more dramatic and significant than taking a couple of aspirin. She’s not supposed to spend too much time in close proximity to anyone, not even her spouse. For the next three days, we’re instructed not to hug, sit close, sleep in the same bed, or kiss. Just when we’re reunited at the end of the semester!

It’s all for the good in the long run, but if you have prayers or candles or whatever left over after remembering Joey’s dad, please bear Margaret in mind. I’d take a picture of her, but I’m afraid that the radiation would corrode the sensor in my digital camera, and all the film in the house seems to be fogged. . . . .

10 thoughts on “My Glowing Bride

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I hope everything is successful and you are able to hug Margaret again soon. As the moral guide of my moral guide she has become an essential part of my identity and her health is very important for my sanity.

    I will be thinking about you and Margaret until you let us know everything is OK. (Since I don’t pray, thinking about you is the best I can do…)

  2. It’s been 22 years since I took the “pill”. I’m glad I did. They never mentioned staying away from me then, could explain why some of my family glow in the dark.

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