Those Were The Days

This post from Doc reminded me of my old days in the Taylor Allderdice Bowling League (at Forward Lanes, whose “late ’50s, early ’60s decor” probably just means they never redecorated), when I was captain of the Centipedes. I had a classic old bowling ball, a kind that it looks as though they don’t even make any more — solid black, but with a clear window for the logo to show through. Larry Odle used to call me “Kid Ebonite. . . .”

Unfortunately, my thumb condition may make bowling a non-possible avocation these days. . . .

1 thought on “Those Were The Days

  1. Heck, the ball I used was was a solid black Brunswick. I think I still have it somewhere. But I can’t knock it, six years ago I rolled a 244 with that ball. (We were a bunch of software engineers, and we had some amazing scores that day – one guy rolled a 222, then another a 232, then I got the 244.)

    I like the “eye-ball”.

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