Winslow Lectures

That reminded me that Seabury has now, firmly (I believe), scheduled the Winslow Lectures for April 20-22, 2005. The series will be entitled “State of a Theological Art: Four Scholars in Search of a Hermeneutic,” unless we come up with something snappier before then. My long-time friend Steve Fowl will give one of the lectures; my more recent friend Francis Watson will fly in from Scotland to give another; my friend and neighbor to the west, Kevin Vanhoozer will give a third; and I’ll give one, as my inaugural lecture as a professor at Seabury. We have a tentative arrangement to publish print versions of them (with responses), and I’ll see about webcasting/archiving the lectures themselves.

For anyone with an interest in the theological appropriation of the Bible, the series should be pretty exciting (I realize that I cut the possible compass of the apodosis severely by so restrictive a protasis, but honesty obliges me. . .). Steve and I tend to view questions of theological interpretation in one way; Kevin and Francis a different way; and we all like to wrestle hard with ideas. Mark your calendars and, if possible, find your way out to Evanston for a few days. We’ll be holding the lectures in conjunction with the installation of our new dean, so it’ll be a feast of ideas and rituals.

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