Call Mel Gibson

Pippa’s Last Supper v. 3

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

Micah and Laura came over tonight for chili and a big round of Bible Pictionary — Nate, Pippa, Margaret and Micah against Laura, Jennifer, Si, and me. Dinner was great, and we had a vigorous round of Pictionary, in which Pippa particularly distinguished herself as a gifted Pictionathlete. During one spell, she ran off a series of convincing drawings culminating in a hasty depiction of the Last Supper (this is the version Micah recognized promptly). The topic stuck in her imagination, though, and after we had shared some Christmas-Epiphany cake (which Pip had decorated with swash lettering that read, “Mr. 2000” in honor of Jesus), Pippa returned to the easel to draw a more complete representation of the shared meal in the Upper Room. That’s Judas on the left, of course, thinking about going to McDonald’s instead of partaking of the bread and wine at Jesus’ table.

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