De Rigeur Mortis

Frank suggested to this morning’s Gospel Mission class that I was a Big-Time Blogger (don’t disabuse anyone of this illusion, you who know better) — so I probably ought to write something today. Ordinarily that’s no trick; you know that I can get up a good head of steam talking about almost anything. Still, today I feel less garrulous than usual. I’m a little short on sleep, it’s been a stressful week or so, and I haven’t been as productive as (for example) Liz.

Yesterday Nate and Jennifer left for the east coast. Tonight Juliet arrives for a couple of days. Monday Margaret leaves for Durham. Today weighed on me a little.

Add to that a spasm of nostalgia from reading Jeneane’s reminiscence about the good ol’ days in Blogaria, when we played idea football (world football, not U.S. football) and everybody scored, and my fingers felt heavy, my heart weary, and my mind dull.

So instead of waxing philosophical, I’ll throw out some links:

  • Dan Gillmor’s new blog, this time naming Bill Gates’s recent spate of lying for what it is
  • Jeff Ward is as smart as can be — he makes me edgy about presuming to talk about representation in public
  • David Weinberger and Shelley point to the LID distributed digital identity system, which sounds promising, but which lies far beyond my capacity to implement it
  • I’ve been meaning to write about blogrolls and bookmarks, but I seem never to get around to it

Maybe I’ll get a good night of rest and say something worth noticing tomorrow.

[Everyone arrived at her and his destinations safely. Juliet’s here, and we’re catching up on the years that we haven’t seen her.]

DRMA: I Found Love by Lone Justice; Shelter by Lone Justice; After The Flood by Lone Justice; Don’t Toss Us Away by Lone Justice

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