Moi? Pourquoi?

It seems as though France 2 is planning a story on “the global blogging phenomenon,” and I’m on their list of people who might be worth interviewing. They’re particularly interested in my reflections on bloggers’ electronic afterlife, especially the Cyber Crypt that Joi and David foisted on me, and that Jeneane wondered about before me. Between worrying about whether the interview will be in French (“Bien sûr? Pourquoi pas?”) and trying to remember what we were talking about a year and a half ago, I wonder whether this is a tremendous honor for a Francophile such as I, or simply the decline of Western civilization.

And it looks as though I may be going to Freedom-to-Connect, too. That’s got to be the limit; no way can I squeeze in more gigs this spring. Don’t even think of it. Just say “No.”

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