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After some frustrating misadventures involving system software upgrades, I resuscitated my iBook and installed iWork. I can’t give a rich explanation for this, but my first reaction is that Pages presents a truly seductive interface; I want to write in this environment. I can’t imagine why this is so, but some editors and I sure hope that feeling lasts, and works.

3 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. Could you poste a screenshot or two of Pages? Apple’s don’t give a great feel for the software. (I’m looking for an alternative to TextEdit 🙂

  2. I’ll take a couple and post them to flickr (link to be added here later), but a caution: I said at the beginning that it’s hard to explain. For some bizarre reason — and I feel stupid even writing this — the blank page looks more write-able than does the blank page in other word processors.

    Must be a Reality Distortion Field export feature. . . .

  3. Glad to hear that about Pages. I’ve been hoping to get away from Microsoft Word for a while, but I have never been entirely happy with Appleworks, either.

    My copy of iWork arrives today!

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