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I gather that today was the all-time heaviest load on flickr (which makes sense, once you think of it). I had set our Jennifer up with an account, and she was having a hard time completing uploads; evidently there’s a good reason. This is a picture she took of our local fashion model; she says she’s uploading a picture of me singing into a Dishmatique, but so far that hasn’t appeared in her photostream. The picture of Si and Laura is cute, though.

Congratulations, Stewart, Caterina, Eric, and all.

3 thoughts on “Record-Breaker

  1. The picture of you singing into a Dishmatique has definitely been uploaded. It’s here. I think I can say without fear of contradiction that this will broaden the appeal of the Dishmatique immensely. If one of your electronically-gifted friends can wire it up properly, you’ll be able to combine washing dishes with podcasting.

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