Things to Figure Out

Relative to the Seabury site redesign, I just visited two of our site authors who use PCs, and discovered (to my dismay) that Explorer doesn’t like our two-column layout or the character entity (⊕) that I used as a dingbat . I now have to figure out what went wrong with the dimensions of the columns such that the left hand column gets pushed to the bottom, and I have to replace the character entities with some other thingy (I s’pose either a GIF or a plus sign).

I also want to be able to share with them the joys of newsreaders and blog entry clients, but I don’t know the best (and the free) PC applications in those categories. It looks as though Jeneane is having a good time with Qumana — I’ll investigate that for starters. It was very cool to be able to show them that Feedster already knew about Seabury’s RSS feed.

But first I have to fix the columns, sigh.

3 thoughts on “Things to Figure Out

  1. Unsolicitied comments from the peanut gallery –

    The main page is defined as 800 pixels wide.
    The sidebar, nav, and header are defined as 490 pixels while the left is 350 pixels.

    490 + 350 = 840

    Over 800 will spill. The image Seabury_Banner.jpg
    is 450 pixels wide so changing the 490 to less than 450 will not resolve the spill.

  2. Thanks so much, meg. That would definitely explain it.

    Somewhat defensively, I will add that checking the dimensions was on my list to do as soon as I prepared the handout for today’s class on Galatians.

    Oh, well, at least Liz prompted me to vaildate the page. Someday I might even validate my own page. . . .

  3. Both Firefox and Thunderbird have newsreaders built in. I use the Firefox version from time to time on a PC. Not flash but better than nothing. Of course, using a web-based aggregator gets around platform-specific readers.

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