What Might Have Been

I fully intended to wrap up my musings about Christian marriage this evening, and to talk more about identity and ceremony — but Joi phoned me up to siphon me into his podcast on Self-Esteem.

I am, of course, sympathetic to Chris Locke’s bombastic denunciations of self-esteem as a cultural idol — though Joi wanted to explore the specific effects of a subject’s sense of his or her possibilities. What I know about this topic ran out after about forty-five seconds of conversation, but instead of hanging up on Joi, I grasped desperately for vaguely sensible angles on the topic. I don’t have the heart to listen tonight.

With BlogWalk Chicago coming up this weekend, and David Isenberg’s intriguing-looking Freedom To Connect get-together beckoning to me from the end of March, we may be in for even more hectic days than I anticipated.

2 thoughts on “What Might Have Been

  1. Thanks for the chat AKMA. It helped me thinking about the issues from another perspective. I just bought the last copy of RB’s book from Amazon, but it says “more on the way soon.” 🙂

  2. Actually, the book to which I link above isn’t about self-esteem; it’s a compilation of EGR essays. The self-esteem book is still in development, as they say — though I expect it’ll be remarkable when it arrives.

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