Apart From “Watch The Pizza”

Does anyone have any ideas for extracting pizza from the speaker of my iBook? Back at Chicago, I launched a slice of deep-dish pizza several inches from where I was carefully eating it away from my laptop, end-over-end, flop down on top of my formerly white iBook keyboard. . . and the left speaker.

Is there some way to clean out that space? It didn’t look as though there was an obvious way of gaining access to that when I removed the keyboard for a quick check. Margaret just gave me a stern look and said, “That will not continue” — so I have to find a way to fix it.

4 thoughts on “Apart From “Watch The Pizza”

  1. Hey! Maybe you should try using dental tools? Know any dentists intimately enough to ask them if you could borrow some?

    P.S. I don’t like to give web robots and spammers my email adress, but my real address is sarahDOTfooteATgmailDOTcom with DOT’s and AT’s being what they signify, . and @, respectively.

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