Morning Exercise and “Hi, Dave”

My morning exercise workout (such as it is) passes more nearly tolerably by virtue of my iPod. Every morning I pedal for about four songs’ worth of mileage, then come upstairs, do some sit-ups, and shower — before morning Prayer (or, today, Sunday Mass). So, this morning’s workout DRMA included “Girl Blue,” by Stevie Wonder; “Tusk,” the cover version by Camper van Beethoven; “D’yer Mak’er” by Led Zeppelin; and “Pinetop’s Blues” by Memphis Slim.

All of the above serves partly as a rationale for my including here the news that the Dave Rogers of “the Dave Rogers Music Alert” has opened a new blog, UXCentric, which signifies (if I understand him correctly) not “I find your outlooks and behavior unaccountably odd,” but “User Experience – Centric.” He’s not closing down Connect & Empower, which means that now I’ll have yet another blog to fall behind in reading. . . .

1 thought on “Morning Exercise and “Hi, Dave”

  1. Hi AKMA!

    Thanks for the link!

    And you’re right on both counts. One reason I liked “UXCentric” (which was suggested by a friend) was that it sounded like “You eccentric”—which fits me very well!

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