F2F Blast From the Past

Last night before dinner, another conference participant thanked me for a link I had made to her blog way back in olden times (when we blogged with quill pens). I didn’t remember the link at the time — it was two and a half years ago — but lo and behold, here it is (Hi, Sara)! It’s great to meet and converse with people with whom you have online history.

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2 thoughts on “F2F Blast From the Past

  1. Hi AKMA! Just saw your nice post. I tumbled off the edge of blog-world since I wrote that (still think now what I said back then). I was so glad to meet you in person, and you are right–the broken link to my previous institutional life is an incentive to crawl back online. The ‘new, improved’ links of note are here, , here, and here.
    Perhaps it’s time for me to wade back in.

  2. I suddenly realized to my mortification that I used a mixed metaphor in my previous comment. If I “tumbled off the edge of blog-world” and am thinking of “crawling back online,” I cannot “wade in.” So, with your indulgence I’d like to supply a more accurate, non-metaphoric substitute: I fell silent because I was preoccupied in the real world and didn’t feel like talking about it. But now, I’m starting to think: “enough already.” There-that’s more like it. Thanks!

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