Under My Cassock

Micah sent me to the site for this t-shirt yesterday, which reminded me of this t-shirt that I wish I’d have thought up (and its related blog), and digging around for the link to Micah’s link brought me to this one.

Meanwhile, as I say Mass this morning, I’ll be holding Steve in prayer, and underneath my alb and chasuble I’ll be wearing. . . no, but that would be telling.

4 thoughts on “Under My Cassock

  1. I own a wtfwjd? baseball jersey. Just the other day I wore it out in public for the first time, half-expecting to have some angry person get in my face about it. And yet… no one did. In fact, I had someone compliment the shirt.

    Either it was a fluke of a day, or perhaps Christians are more progressive generally than I had realized.

  2. Aha! More anectodal evidence for the Anglo-Catholic/gamer/goth connection I’ve suspected all along… I especially love the third one.

  3. Those are wonderful. I had seen (and enjoyed) the acronym one before, but the other two were new to me — and inasmuch as I always play clerics, on the rare occasions when I game, they made me laugh a lot.

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