Her Own Tag

I was chatting with Joi this morning to thank him for his [qualified] endorsement, and he wished there was an RSS feed just for posts that involve Pippa (I’m setting aside what that (and the “usually”) imply about the rest of my posts).

At first, I thought that I should break down and begin using the MT Categories, but I’ve never liked those much. I pointed out that I tag Pippa’s pictures on flickr with her name, so he can subscribe to that feed anyway.

Then it occurred to me: I checked to see whether anything but her pictures showed up when I treated her name as a Technorati tag; no, no other “Pippa”-tagged posts or pictures. So I went back, tagged the last few posts that involved her, and now the world of Pippa fans can subscribe to the RSS feed of the Technorati tag page for Pippa. And you other Pippas of the world, sorry, you’ll have to devise modifiers for your own tags.

[Update: I’m going through the archives and adding tags now for Josiah and Nate — will work one up for Margaret sooner or later.]

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