For those keeping track of the location of various delegates from the Adam family, Margaret returned from Durham this morning, and is resting up from her year of academic exertion. We’re intensely pleased that she’s home with her family, and we’ll be doing everything we can to recharge her for another go-round with academia in the fall.

Pippa and I will exhibit an image each at Seabury’s Community Art Exhibit from today to early June. Pippa’s hanging a painting entitled ’The Purple Dress,” and I one of my photographic representations of problems in hermeneutics. I’ll post her painting to flickr once she clears it — but she’s stern about my releasing any of her work before she decides it’s appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Two things.

    (1) on individual archive pages, your sidebar is somewhere at the bottom of the screen, and not on the side where it should be.

    (2) a while back, you talked about when you wear clerical garb. My question for you is: would you wear the collar to jury duty? And if yes, would you wear the collar in hopes of being dismissed from jury duty?
    Just wondering after your last post on the topic…

  2. Katherine,

    Yeah, I need to fix the CSS on individual archives; it’s end-of-term, though, and I have a variety of school, family, and church responsibilities. I’ll try to get to it after school’s out.

    With regard to your second, I did not wear clericals to the jury selection day; I sensed that it would not signify evangelical responsibility as much as a power move to get out of serving. When I was interviewed, my vocation came up, but no one dismissed me; I suspect that both the plaintiff and defense thought that they could appeal to my compassion and my professorial reasoning.

    I try to guard against the temptation to use my attire manipulatively (which is partly why I wear clericals not-for-=a-reason sometimes, so that if my dress has any communicative ramifications, it’s not because I was trying to get something out of them). But I’m small enough, and subject to self-deception, that I probably estimate incorrectly relative to my own conduct.

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