Calculator of the Beast

Since the Number of the Beast is obviously important, and since we now have a degree of uncertainty about whether that number is 666 or 616, what shall we do?

We could just split the difference: The Number of the Beast is 641. Of course, we don’t have any text that says it’s 641, so we’d be likely to be wrong either way. But whichever number turned out to be right, we’d be equally wrong.

Or we could note the margin of error in our Bibles. If we opt for 666, we could note “(with a 7.5% margin of error)”; if 616, “an 8.1% margin.”

At least, as David reckons, the forces of evil may have been diminished by fifty.

6 thoughts on “Calculator of the Beast

  1. I don’t know, there’s something less than menacing about a toothsome creature that hauls itself out of the muck and mire in the dark of the night to announce, “Arrgh, there’s a 92.5% that I’m going to eat you!”

  2. When I was in the Army my serial number was RA11253666. The rubber stamp I was provided with to mark all my clothing began with the first letter of my last name plus the last three digits of the serial number. Thus all articles of clothing, shoes, boots, underwear, etc. were stamped “B666.” I have been tempted to have this identifier placed on my auto registration but I am afraid of being rammed in the rear and driven off the road by some “well-meaning” fundamentalist. I have also been tempted to carry the rubber stamp around with me at all times, together with a rubber stamp(with red indelible ink, of course,) and brand any and all antagonists right in the you-know-what with that wonderful symbol of who I am. Perhaps you can suggest some particularly appropriate targets. Signed: B666

  3. AFAIK the number 666 comes from the roman numeral DCLXVI, a guarded code abbreviation for
    “Domitianus Caesar Legatos Xti Violenter Interfecit”, or “The Emperor Domitian violently killed the envoys of Christ”.
    The variant 616 represents the alternative Hebrew spelling ?†?®?ï ?ß?°?®, Nrw Qsr (based on the Latin form “Nero Caesar”).

    Stu (23) Savory
    PS: I refer you also to my Walpurgisnacht blog-entry, dated May 1st.

  4. Look at the Following Positive Natural Integers
    and so the Squere Root of 121=11*11
    that is Eleven(11)
    To Prove the Numbers upp to 121
    If the are Prime Factors or Not
    it is only neccessary to Prove
    with the Prime Factors
    2,3,5 and 7
    In Reality it is only neccessary to Prove
    The Gods Holy Numbers
    Three(3) and Seven(7)
    As can be read in Moses Writtings
    In Genesis 1600 B.C.
    What is Called The Number of The Beast
    Is The Number Just Below Seven(7)
    The Six(6) on the Other Hand is
    The Number Just Above Seven(7)
    The Eight(8) The King of the Numbers
    Compare: Henry the Eight(8) of England
    Compare also 1997 and 1789 The Year of The
    French Revolution there are two Prime Factors
    there 89 and 97
    Urban Salomon Avierfjard
    Gr墯,Visby,Gotland,The Baltic Sea,

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