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You might think from my blog that Pippa is the only visual artist in the family, but she and Margaret are on Nantucket for the weekend to attend the opening of a retrospective show by the Artists’ Association of Nantucket, in the Egan Institute of Maritime Studies at Coffin School. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t go so far to catch a gallery opening, but this event draws on the Association’s permanent collection to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Association, and includes works by my mother and grandmother (and maybe my grandfather — I’m not certain).

The story in the Inquirer and Mirror mentions my grandmother, Isabel Isabelle Hollister Tuttle; Margaret says there’s an offline article that features the family connections, and concentrates on my mom Nancy Adam, but I haven’t seen that yet. (When I do, I’ll get it online somehow.)

In the meantime, though, this placeholder between the generations of artists in the family applauds his mother and grandparents for the honor of being included in this remarkable occasion. Three Cheers!

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  1. Yes, your Grandfather was first Chairman of the Association and is definitely represented. Isabelle (sp.) is there by way of the big oil painting that normally hangs on my wall. It’s been great having Margaret and budding artist Pippa here. xxx, Mom

  2. Hello,

    I am in the process of researching the names in a guest book belonging to my grandparents when they lived in Florence Italy before WWII. It is full of fascinating names and I am transcribing them (when I can decipher them!) and then trying to find out information about who they were online. On page 2 (signed on Jan 20th, 1933), I found the name “Elizabeth Hollister Frost Blair,” who I assume was your great grand aunt. I discovered that she was a novelist and poet of note. Then I was intrigued to read that some of her books were illustrated by her brother-in-law, Henry Emerson Tuttle, who has the same last name as my husband. Now I have to find out if he was a relative! Right after her name is the entry “Walter W. Blair,” whom I assume to be er husband, but have not yet been able to find info on him online. I just thought you might be interested. Would love to hear from you if you are still monitoring this site (though I see the last post was 2005!).

    Best regards,
    Peggy Tuttle

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