Milestone In Cultural History

Toronto: This afternoon, it was announced that an anonymous donor has established the Cluetrain Foundation to provide opportunities for reflection, research, analysis, writing, podcasting, travel, teaching, and productive goofing-off. The first recipient of a Cluetrain Grant is Michael O’Connor Clarke, better known in some quarters as “Ruari’s dad” (no disrespect to Charlie and Lily, and of course not to Leona).

Future grants may include research grants into eugenics and marketing, swinoculture and hamster husbandry, journalism and Joyce, photography and open-source blogging software, satire and philanthropy, librarianship and RPG, talking bears and lobsters, rhetoric and intellectual property and visual communication, and perhaps even technology and theological hermeneutics (among others).

In the meantime, the Foundation will gladly put inquirers into contact with grant-holder[s], particularly if said inquirer has an attractive job offer. Or would like to donate to the Worthy Blogger Support Fund of the Cluetrain Foundation.

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