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Winslow Lecture

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Just this afternoon, I received from Seabury’s Director of Communications a series of photos she took during my Winslow Lecture last month. The photos are terrific; since I’m not very good-looking to start with (I have, as Halley might say, let myself go over the years, except to the extent that the phrase implies that I had anyplace to go from), it’s not often that pictures please me. I’m an especially bad subject when I’m painfully aware that someone’s taking my picture. But since I had other things on my mind while Connie was taking these pictures, I’m very much at ease, and I think it shows. Thanks very much Connie, and a toast to the other lecturers, who made the series such a success.

Now, if they send their manuscripts to me soon, we can get this puppy off to our editor. . . .

2 thoughts on “Winslow Photo

  1. As we urban contemporaries might say, you look like you’re gettin’ down with the hand action there Rev. AKMA. I like that picture. If you sell posters, pls reserve one for us. Jenna misses you and Margaret and would love to have one for her room.

    Go on then.

  2. Dewd, Is that the symbol of the devil you’re making with your hand gestures, or are you just letting the audience know that this part of the lecture, like, really RAWKS! 🙂


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