Another Skill to Cultivate

Starry Night

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

I have to develop my capacity to photograph art, I guess; my casual pictures of Pippa’s canvases falls radically short of the power of the images themselves. The photographs miss the texture and richness of the oils; I think Pip likes oil paint in part because she can mix colors without entirely blending them — an effect it’s hard to capture with just an offhand photo. Lighting and color balance affect the presentation, too.

Once I almost had a job doing art photography as a work-study position in college. It seemed so direly tedious, though: line up the page on the stand, check the lighting, snap the shutter, again, again, again. No composition; no decisive moment. Now I look back on that relatively automated set-up and grumble that I have a hard time reproducing the correct circumstances time after time.

Anyway, two more Pippa canvases today, with several watercolors to come soon (I can scan those — oh, joy!).

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