Dogmatic Prospects

The Disseminary is uploading the classic out-of-copyright Anglo-Catholic theology textbook Theological Outlines by Francis J. Hall. My student colleagues Debra Bullock and Ryan Whitley have already made great progress (Ryan’s name doesn’t appear yet, partly because he’s working on the second volume, and partly because he’s logged in from my own office computer). The entries are not quite in order; I’ll try to keep the hyperlinks rightly arranged as the articles come available. Eventually, we’ll try to whip up a marked-up XML version and a nicely-formatted PDF, but for now we’re concentrating on entering the data in the first place.

I don’t assent to everything Hall writes, but the presentation is straightforward and orderly, and there’s space for discussion in the comments. In many ways, it’s a proof-of-concept endeavor.

One reason I’m pointing to this now, while we’re still in-process, is that we have access to the second editions of volumes one and two, but only the first edition of volume three — and the second edition introduces some significant alterations. If someone has a second-edition third volume available that my assistants can use — and that involves a lot of scanning, so it risks the binding — please let us know. We’ll acknowledge your generous sharing on the site.

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