Like Clockwork

Another series of Theology Cards, another couple of chapters of Hall’s Theological Outlines.

Among the cards, we’ve added

20 John Cassian, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

30 Modalism, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

36 Pachomius, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

Meanwhile, we have Chapter Four (Theism) and Chapter Five (Anti-Theistic Theories) finished, and Chapter Six (Revelation) is under way.

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  1. I hate to ask you to take on yet another project, but for the unschooled in church history and thought, the following might help: an idea flow chart.

    All these concepts of what/who/how God is developed from somewhere and in reaction or approval of something else. The people who proposed the ideas are connected through them. Can there be a person/idea flow chart so that the novice scholar can easily grasp how the ideas and the people relate to each other, or is this a rather tall order?

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