Millionairian Dispensationalists

Until the day that nobody ever reads another Left Behind novel (except, perhaps, as an exercise in historico-literary curiosity), one cannot link often enough to Fred “Slacktivist” Clark’s painstaking dissection of exactly what makes these The Worst Books Ever Written.

Right now, if you Googleleft behind,” Slacktivist comes in behind a number of the LaHaye/Jenkins franchise moneymakers and the federal government’s underfunded education initiative. If we all link to his Left Behind category archive, maybe we can push him to an above-the-fold PageRank, so that searchers can see the antidote on the same screen as the theological, literary poison.

1 thought on “Millionairian Dispensationalists

  1. I imagine it will be a couple of decades before people stop reading the Left Behind books. It’s unfortunate, but the first of the prequels has been published.

    And if they can spread seven years of tribulation into 12 books, how many books will be written for their inevitable treatment of the millenial reign? (By my calculations, going by the current ratio, that would amount to just under 245 books.)

    Alas, methinks they’ll be raking in the $$ for years to come.

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