Not An Oracle Part Two

When I said below that I’m not an oracle, what I meant was: I sure wish I’d been the one to connect these dots. “What happens when you combine the notion of the state-of-the-art cell phone (with picture-taking capability standard fare these days) with QuickTime and its H.264 compression, which Apple touts as being great for mobile phones? A video (ipod) phone, with audio/video recording, not just playback. (And perhaps more far-fetched, transmission — now we’re talking beyond Dick Tracy).”

Makes sense to me, much more so than the spasmodic will-they-release-it-or-not anticlimaxes over the alleged Apple-Motorola iPod phone (how many people will buy a device that renders redundant one or two expensive gadgets they already own?) or a plain old video-playing iPod (so I can see Lord of the Rings on a 3 × 5 screen?). It’s exactly the kind of thing Steve Jobs would love to spring on the world, and would certainly help sustain Apple’s energy coming away from the iPod wave.

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