Passion Dollars

Yes, “Passion dollars” — those are the terms in which Sony is thinking of its movie production of The da Vinci Code, according to an article in the NY Times (thanks for the tip, Dave Hedges). The ariticle will disappear behind the pay-archive wall soon, but the gist of it involves Sony’s tortuous efforts to cash in on a religiously-themed premise without offending Christians by suggesting that the whole faith is a bad idea forced upon a coerced world by murderous zealots.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the plot of the book.

So the movie execs now sought cooperation from media Christians (they didn’t call me, though) to bowdlerize the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-historical-truth elements of the book into a vaguer, friendlier movie that will draw the same (largely pro-Christian, often ardently Catholic) audiences that went to see The Passion of the Christ: synecdochically, “Passion dollars.” Why not just call them “Passion pieces of silver”? They could probably get thirty or so.

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  1. “Why not just call them ‘Passion pieces of silver’? They could probably get thirty or so.”

    That may just be the wickedest comment you’ve ever made on this site!

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