Untitled Exercise

Untitled Exercise

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I’m having a day with more bother than real productivity. A large part of my day involved writing some business letters, and I’m a dreadfully slow letter-writer, and when I write letters of any importance I feel queasy. Between that and fiddling with budget requests relative to the Disseminary, I was stultified for the day. (Good thing I had a couple helpful ideas for my paper at the SBL meeting.) I decided to do something useful by recording and uploading some of Pippa’s art from her summer in Maine.

Tonight I’ll try to sketch my presentation for Clergy Day (meaning that Jane Ellen will have a peek ahead of time — not that any of what I’ll say will come to her as a surprise anyway). . . .

2 thoughts on “Bother

  1. I don’t know about surprises in your preparation, but I rest assured that your final presentation will undoubtedly be “more complicated than that.”

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