Not a Nightmare

This morning, I awoke this way:

I had been approaching a coffeeshop on Nantucket (none the I know specifically, though I would have placed it on upper Broad Street, near the Bookworks), when four women walked up, and I could hear them singing “We,” from the Roches’ first album. I looked more closely, and realized that two of the four were Maggie and Terre. I nodded and said something like “Thanks, that’s a favorite of mine,” and opened the door for them.

I ordered a cup of coffee and a bagel, and noticed that Suzzy Roche was working at the coffee bar. I walked away from the counter with an espresso cup, which I would never have asked for since I’m not an espresso drinker. Odder still, I think the cup had tea in it.

The Roches all started to sing again, and this time Suzzy sang her part, only for some reason she wasn’t having a good voice day, so she sang her part into a glass (!?).

Everyone laughed. I woke up.

Then I showered, walked the dog, and headed to Day One of Seabury’s traditional two-full-day faculty meeting.

3 thoughts on “Not a Nightmare

  1. That’s pretty interesting. I had a Roches album a while back–don’t know what happened to it now. It had “Hallelujah” on it. I always enjoyed that one.

  2. My all-time favorite is their album “Nurds.” There’s nothing quite like having the album playing in the background when friends are over and having a lull in the conversation just in time for the plaintively sung line, “You are a 50-pound bag of soybeans.” A friend fell right off her chair laughing at that! (The line about a turd in “The Death of Suzzy Roche” is good for that as well.)

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