Tim of SansBlogue is working on a hands-down obvious winner of an idea: a podcast audio Bible. I hope they make it available without the devotional questions (plenty of listeners might want an audio Bible without devotional aids, or without these particular devotional aids). It’s happening, it’s all happening, and I just wonder where they’ll put the scattered pieces together first.

2 thoughts on “PodBible

  1. Thanks for the mention, and thanks for the clarification in your comment on my blog. I had missunderstood a bit, we will probably provide biblical books without the |think|pray|do| at the end of each chapter, for people who want to listen to a whole book in a few “sittings”. But probably not till we have the podcasts up and running. Which means just a few weeks… We won’t have the whole Bible straight away as (a) some of the readings from the weekend will not be up to scratch, and (b) we are not anyway doing the deuterocanonicals just yet…

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