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Today’s mail brought me a DVD of the June 23 telecast of Envoyé Spécial, the French TV program that devoted a half hour to covering the emergence of blogs as a social phenomenon. The producers sent me a copy because the segment concludes with a brief series of shots of St. Luke’s church and me, talking about blogs and particularly about my casual suggestion that someone look into archiving the sites and posts of deceased bloggers — what Joi and David called “AKMA’s Cyber Crypt.” In other words, I provide the mild comic relief after others demonstrate the salacious, political, and journalistic aspects of blogging (as one viewer commented, “perfect for making the blogosphere look ridiculous”).

I suppose I’d have liked the French viewing public to hear about some of my, um, deeper ideas about theology, technology, postmodernism, or biblical hermeneutics — but it’s not surprising that only the goofy idea got edited into the final cut. I’ll remember that the photography around St. Luke’s was lovely, and seeing the segment reminded me of what a good time I had talking with the crew.

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