Wily Chicagoans

Margaret spotted a story in yesterday’s NY Times, vindicating yet again her contention that she saw a coyote walking down a street in Evanston a few years back. At the time, I mocked her — but since then I’ve had to eat those jests over and over again.

“Professor Gehrt says with confidence that the sensible suburban toddler has little to fear from the suburban coyote, but he will not say the same for the suburban Shih Tzu” — or Bichon Frisé, so watch out, Bea!

2 thoughts on “Wily Chicagoans

  1. I was driving home one night from the Wash. U. campus when we lived in St. Louis, into the city, and was startled when a small pack of coyotes crossed in front of me. I lived long enough in Arizona to know that these were not dogs. Not surprised that there are coyotes across the Midwest. (Just glad that the skunk I saw one night rummaging in a trash can on the Block decided not to feel threatened by me.)

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