AIM Trouble?

Neither Margaret nor I can log in to AIM this morning (I tried both iChat and AIM proper), but I don’t see anything about a problem in the online news sources. Is anyone else having problems?

[Later:: Back online after a couple of hours.

1 thought on “AIM Trouble?

  1. for the past 3 days i have login issues, i have attempted to access the website and it will not pull up, i had aim , deleted all, and installed roadrunner messenger – its the same as aim, and it is not allowing me to log in either, i think 3 days is long enough for them to fix a problem, july 10th 1:50 am, plus if their is a problem, looks like they would post on since that webpage does pull up… ps i asked some other users of aim and they stated theirs was working, so what gives?

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