Another Reason To Not Read This Blog

Tonight I made a soup for dinner. Since I’m not pure of heart, I used a dry soup mix from the cupboard; Pip and I evaluated the choices, and agreed that this one looked promising. I am very sad to say that we erred. The soup was thin and cardboard-y, and Pippa and I decided after a half bowl each that we would not require one another to finish — and Pip made a delicious tofu dip to tide us over.

This sort of post — personal, unabashedly mingled with more serious reflections — has occasioned a number of posts on the bibliobloggers’ blogs (it’s slightly amusing to be the subject of a series of blog posts explaining why people don’t read my blog). At the same time, I don’t begrudge my colleagues their diffidence. Online media offer every reader the opportunity to read what suits him or her, and every blogger the opportunity to link to what suits him or her. . . .

10 thoughts on “Another Reason To Not Read This Blog

  1. I shall never read this weblog again: thanks to an odd set of sensory associations, “tofu dip” eventually took me to lusting in my heart after celery and cream cheese, neither of which I currently have. A lovely combination of textures, which I probably haven’t had since my dear old granny died. Any now you’ve left me hungry, and sadly but fondly remembering childhood holiday meals.

    You, sir, are an excellent writer.

  2. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy your blog: this post included. If such a reason were the case, I think nobody would ever read my silly blog.

    Mind sharing the recipe for the tofu dip? I love a good tofu dish 🙂



  3. I suggest keeping a can of condensed milk or fat-free 1/2 & 1/2 (this in fridge) to use with any “condensed” soup that has you add water. A can of vegetable broth in the cupboard is another way to go also. Anyway, when putting together split the liquid between water and cream substitute> It works for me!

  4. Yes, but it’s these kinds of posts that keep me coming back, because it gives me a sense of your daily life. I have to admit that I’ve been trying to figure out how to be similarly open in my own blog — generally without much success. But know that some of your readers, at least, appreciate this tack!

  5. Well, I’m on y’all’s side (obviously), but that’s just why real biblical scholars opt not to read here.

    In the end, this goes hand-in-hand, I expect, with a hermeneutic that binds biblical interpretation to the real lives of which it forms a part (as opposed to putatively disinterested scholarship that can be conveniently segregated from thin lentil soup and delicious tofu dip.

    Speaking of which, here’s the recipe (from MArgaret, via Pippa):

    Take one block of extra firm tofu, uncooked.

    Tear it apart and squeeze it to drain off as much water as possible.

    Put it in a bowl or plastic container — add curry, mayonnaise, and salt to taste. Mash the living daylights out of it.

    Serve on bread (in a sandwich), or as a dip with crackers or tortilla chips.

    Thanks for asking!

  6. I few points:

    It’s nice reading someone who is periodically as disconnected as me.

    Frankly, “real” biblical scholars (of which I know a few, being a seminarian) often bear a need to be in touch with real life.

    Finally, I’m with NTA who suggested condensed milk or vege broth. They are a must have.

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