End, Indeed

Today was the last day of chapel for the term, the last day of classes, pretty much the last all around (apart from one of our classic all-day faculty meetings next week, followed by a faculty-colleague evaluation). I’m six papers away from being done for the term.

Meanwhile, I’m preaching at St. Luke’s on Sunday, a sermon for which I had a notional start — except that there’s been a death in the congregation, which will have to affect the way I address the congregation, the theme, pretty much everything about the day. I’ll try for a good night’s sleep, and see whether I can summon up an insight that’s respectful of grief while not immediately signaling to visitors that they’re not in the loop, that attends to the season and also acknowledges that holidays bring not only joy and togetherness, but can also bring despair and isolation. Oh, and that good news persists through all of this. And do laundry, maybe finish off those papers, and devote some time to the Pip.

Tall order — I guess I should get to bed right away.

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