(Makes a Dissatisfied Face)

Wasn’t there going to be an OS X version of the Google Talk client? I followed the directions for making iChat work with Google Talk’s Jabber interface, but it never seems to work. It avails only to give me two pop-up dialogue boxes every time I change my iChat status, advising me that the login is not secure (no, really it is, says Google), then that I wasn’t able to connect to a Jabber server. Every time.

3 thoughts on “(Makes a Dissatisfied Face)

  1. I highly suggest Adium, Adium X it’s a phenomenally great multi protocol IM client. it’s only downside is no video chat at this time. I use to connect to Duke’s Jabber server, Googles Jabber server, AOL IM (2x) and on sad occasions MSN.

    Im me sometime. IM names are: obiwonpengobi and noeticpenguin (laptop, desktop)

  2. Having just reopened Adium for the first time in a long time, it did it’s update dance and ‘lo, but I was able to connect to GoogleTalk (esinclai@gmail.com, yadda) for the first time in ages.

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