— Years of serving in the priesthood today. I had Alice Cooper’s “Eighteen” running through my head once I remembered what day it was, which is both the wrong number and the wrong musical accompaniment to my anniversary, but it’s also probably the Alice Cooper song that I’m most ready willingly to permit into my imagination. . . .

13 thoughts on “Nineteen

  1. There’s always, “Hey, Nineteen” by Steely Dan. Or, “19th Nervous Breakdown” by the Stones.

    But neither really seems to fit.


  2. AKMA-
    its 22 for me today… no songs come to mind particularly, but I’ll hold you in my thoughts at the mass in just a few moments — hope all is well on the block and with the family!

  3. The Lord’s blessings to you on this anniversary. I’m grateful you are a priest and teacher in our church, and a darn interesting communicator blogger.

  4. Thanks, all! David, your mass will be said mere steps away from where I lay prostrate and Bishop Appleyard (and the presbyters) laid hands on me.

    Those tiles get very, very cold during a long litany, and I was a bit concerned that I might drown in the condensation from my breath.

  5. Congrats, AKMA! I learned the other day that a friend of mine from Wheeling Jesuit University has been attending Seabury and has been one of your students. Looking forward to her diaconal ordination next week here in Morgantown, WV.

  6. Oh come on – what about Skid Row’s “Eighteen and Life”??

    Yeah, okay, not so nice. Never mind. We’ll get Tripp to write you something wonderful and Irish, shall we?? Congrats!

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