Seasonal Remembrances

It’s been a tough year for natural disasters. A year ago, hundreds of thousands of people died in the devastating tsunami in South Asia. An October earthquake killed tens of thousands and destroyed the homes of millions more in Kashmir. Hurricane Stan killed thousands in Central America, and in the U.S. Hurricane Katrina killed thousands, despoiled a beloved major city, and wiped out the structures of entire coastal areas.

We haven’t forgotten any of these, but this morning I spent extra time trying to wrangle copies of students’ notes for the classes David Knight took back when he was in seminary here. I followed links he sent earlier this week to an editorial stock-taking and some visual reminders of how Katrina affected a far greater swath of the Gulf Coast than only New Orleans.

If your Christmas can include yet another round of sharing what you have with others who have lost much, you’ll be the richer for it.

1 thought on “Seasonal Remembrances

  1. Thank you providing these links to the Sun Herald (Gulfport, Miss. newspaper).
    Did David lose his diplomas, too?
    I’ve collected theological books from Yale Div, Theological Book Network, Dubuque Seminary and other donors for our Gulf Coast Clergy who lost libraries. The books are in my home waiting to be chosen by clergy.
    I live here. I see the destruction everyday. I still find it difficult to believe.

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