For Old Times

Our friend Amy Morrison (“I take cat pictures and blog, so make something of it!”) will be coming to sleep over Saturday night. Amy survived at least one class with me back at Eckerd College (Hey, congratulations, Julie!) in olden times, when I used to lecture in a room lit by candles, and Chris and Shannon would throw papyrus airplanes back and forth.

To make Amy feel at home in the South Bedroom, we set up (and successfully booted and ran) the old Classic II computer that used to sit on my desk on the second floor of Seibert Hall. And I’ll be sure to wear my Eckerd “Fightin’ Fire Ants” t-shirt. And Laura emailed me to say we mustn’t stay up too late, giggling.

2 thoughts on “For Old Times

  1. Tell AmyMo hi from Elizabeth in Atlanta – she’s the reason I started reading you.

  2. And Amy had a lovely time. We did not stay up too late but hopefully late enough and I am thoroughly thankful for the bed, the meal and the visit. Last time I saw Pippa she was in a basket back in 1994. Now she’s a sharp kid with a wicked sense of humor.

    Thank you again, AKMA, Pippa and Beatrice.

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