Funny How Things Work

I’ve often mused about the way that a few minutes’ inspiration, or lack thereof, can constitute an enduring monument to a person — perhaps subsidizing their family finances (if, for instance, they write a really catchy pop song) or damning them in lasting memory (for making a stupid remark on a broadcast medium).

I’ve poured months of blood, sweat, and tears into biblical scholarship, and I still think I’ve done some pretty good work there. I’ve been serving the church, offering what I can to congregations and people. I try to be a good neighbor, teacher, father, and husband.

But the other day I checked in at the LibriVox project. I casually glanced at the catalogue: that’s an amazing repertoire of great reading, all for free.

The connection is — on the “about” page, Hugh McGuire tells the world that “LibriVox was inspired by AKMA’s audio volunteer project to bring Lawrence Lessig’s book, Free Culture, to your ears.” Hugh’s contacted me a couple of times, and I looked in at LibriVox earliler, when the catalogue was less lengthy; but this has caught on to an extent that I’d never, never have anticipated. Three cheers to you, Hugh, and thank you for doing the hard work of making my one-off fanciful notion into an estimable legacy of free recordings of great texts.

Now, I have to get around to contributing some myself!

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