Digital Romance Resources

When communicating your devotion on Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day, don’t limit yourself to the canned options assigned to us by Apple’s iCards; search for the keyword of your choice at Delivr, and send an electronic reminder of your love, decorated with a photo that you chose from among millions.

(I did!)

[Later: I did send one to Margaret, but it wasn’t delivred; evidently in the complex economy of spam-catching, filtering, and overloaded servers, Delivr encounters some snags. Check to see if your sweetheart received what you meant to send, and if not, you might try taking a screenshot of the image and emailing it. Or fall back and punt with an iCard.]

1 thought on “Digital Romance Resources

  1. Me, I just emailed Jonthan Fuller’s wonderful poem “Valentine,” which makes me smile. 🙂 My sweetie’s on the road today, but at least when he arrives at long last in his hotel, there will be a poem in his inbox…

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