Pardon Me

Margaret’s flying in for the weekend, so I expect that I won’t be as active online as I usually am.

I didn’t see the State of the Union Address, but I read Tom Matrullo’s scarifying account of it.

Gary modulates from subtle Photoshoppery to PowerPoint sabotage. Brilliant.

Today Seabury observed the feast of St. Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary to Scandinavia, and patron saint of dyslexic hot rod drivers.

4 thoughts on “Pardon Me

  1. I hope I can comment this time… thanks for the tip about Matrullo’s scarifying account, it let me somewhere else interesting.

    By the way, the Holy Innocents website/blog got written up in the Daily Herald today. Woohoo us! Go church blogs!

    Sorry, feeling a little giddy. Enjoy your weekend… 😉

  2. and patron saint of dyslexic hot rod drivers.

    ::dies laughing::

    That took me a second, and then I started giggling. 🙂

  3. BWAH, St. Anskar. Must pass that one along – it’ll become truly ecumenical; my Jewish husband did a “ROTFL” and wants to send it to a Mormon friend of ours. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Rachel and Ginny; I thought of it right at the beginning of mass, and it took all my restraint to not run and blog it right away.

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